Audiovisual poem tribute to Lluis Vilà (

Written, audio+video recordings, music, edition and postpo: Borja F. Alexandre
Voice: Zoe Valls
Creative collaboration and video recording: Sus Garcia & Patri Usero
Sound collaboration: Diego de Leon (slyce sequencer), Mikel Zudaire (electronic)
Special thanks: Eduardo Calahorra, Lluís i Consol (La Penyora), Karnak,
Jaime F. Alexandre, Irkus, Daniel Zerbst, Antonio Blanca

Recorded during 2010 and 2011 at Darjeeling (Himalaya), Kolkatta, Cerdenya, Amsterdam, Liverpool, Barcelona and Miranda de Ebro

Sentences from Jorge Luis Borges, Platón and Diderot included

Shot with Canon Eos 7d with 35 mm lens. Edited with Final Cut, After Effects and Magic Bullet

Screened at 24/01/2011

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