Mt. Tibidabo to the Sea:

Does anyone NOT love bombing hills? The whole concept of it is amazing. Gravity does all the work while you just enjoy the rush.

Growing up in what is likely the flattest place on Earth, Dustin and I have been having a blast bombing around Barcelona. The pavement is near perfect everywhere and always seems like it's running slightly down hill, just enough for a free ride.

This past Christmas we decided to see if we could hill bomb all day long. Barcelona's streets slowly slope from the sea all the way up to Mt. Tibidabo. From there, a highway winds it's way up to Temple de Sagrat Cor, a church atop the mountain, overlooking the entire city.

And so, obviously, we had to start there. "Check out the view" and then let gravity power a journey to the beach through some of the coolest streets in the world... "Not a bad way to spend Christmas day."

Here's a look at our free ride from Mt. Tibidabo to the sea. Enjoy.

Music is: Erlend Oye - Every Party Has A Winner And A Loser
and Dan Deacon - Snookered

ps. Stay tuned for more Barcelona Sessions as well as upcoming profiles on Dominic Sagona, Dustin Werbeski, Fredrik Andersson, Jeff Dalnas, Richie Eisler and more.

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