Over the past year, I have been going to L.A. and shooting different locations. During this time I have grown very fond of this city. I find it interesting that human behavior is the same, regardless of if people are walking or driving. I have noticed many things about this town spending as much time as I have out there. If you know anything about time lapse you know that it can sometimes take one hour to capture 20 seconds of footage. That gives you plenty of time to enjoy the sites. I realize now that this project will never be complete. In the future I plan on adding another layer by recording the sounds of Los Angeles. But for the time being I hope you enjoy this small film.


Canon 7d
Canon 18-135 IS
Canon 70-200 L
Tokina 11-16

Music: Hand Covers Bruise, Trent Reznor.
Location: All throughout Los Angeles

Big thanks to Marissa and Julie over ant NBC for featuring my film on channel 4 news, and thank you Chuck Henry for getting my name right!

follow me on twitter twitter.com/mgivot

Contact information matthewgivot.com

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