Once a year Satoshi Sakagami of the Kichijouji game culture shop METEOR hosts an all-night party entailing music performances and NES tournaments, called Fami-Mode. An 8-bit riff on the Hatsumōde festival taking place on New Years' Day at Shinto shrines, Fami-Mode celebrates the lasting appeal of Nintendo's original home console.

Stage performances for past Fami-Mode events have included music sets by developers of independently financed games. 6955, the Toronto game composer behind IGF entry Dyad, played at the first ever installment. Meanwhile, Tokyo-based band Consumers, playing this year's show, created their own retro PC game and distributed the software through their music CD entitled "D.O.T.S.(Dance Object Ten Sound)."

Other participating game-inspired musicians include Kplecraft, whose music videos are created using NES-style sprite art. Omodaka weaves traditional Japanese music with chiptunes. Sexy-Synthesizer draws inspiration from '80s pop culture and arcade sounds for their music, video and vocal performances.

We caught up with several of the event's participants in Kichijouji to hear their thoughts on Fami-Mode. To experience it yourself, drop by Star Pine's Cafe later tonight or check out the METEOR Ustream feed online.

USTREAM: ustream.tv/channel/meteor-club

METEOR: super-meteor.com

FAMI-MODE: fami-mode.com

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