The city was rocked by several cultural waves. Mixtures as the Mongol and Turkish invasions, as the Austrian rule, as the communism domination, as the existential swing of the gypsy music and... This mixture would gave birth to what? Well, I just touched a little bit of that in a series of three acts.

/ACT 2/
It was a powerfull feeling when I was filming the sunset at the Liberty Bridge and I listened a piano among the cars and trams. Surprise was one thing and the another was a wild sweet instinct of Lou performance. The situation involved me and my girl in such a way that we just seeing us holding back the tears. Well, my words seems stupid and I can't translate that feeling, either in words or on video. Anyway here's a sample of what was.

How to play piano exactly where it is not expected to be.
A european tour on a piano-bike (2010-2011)

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