Hellenic Triptych
performed by Agnieszka Laska dancers
music: Jackie T. Gabel, duration: 16'00", premiere 2004
independent production Songs of Eva premiered at PSU Lincoln Hall Oct 8th 2004

Hellenic Triptych (2004 - premiere)
music: Jackie T. Gabel (Hellenic Triptych)
available at Spring Quartet and selected works for strings CD, NPM-LD-020 performed by fEARnoMUSIC northpacificmusic.com/Spring.html

dramatis personae:
Zeus - Joel Belgique
Hera - Taryn Johnson
Echo - Alison Camp
Nemesis - Heidi Welter
Narcisus - Nick Cavanaugh
first nymph - Sumi Wu
nymphs - Amber Davis, Jodie Hurley, Naomi Miller, Melanie Pierce-Linker
musician: Joel Belgique - viola
costumes: Ela Kwasek

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