Marriott's culture is famous for taking care of associates first. A culture that embraces care for both guests and employees.

Mr. Greg Allan, a seasoned GM wanted to break the glass ceiling of perfection in execution of SOPs. Greg wanted to celebrate success and re-live the values of Marriott in a memorable and fun way. To de-stress and learn resilience tools , to delight themselves , to connect heart to heart and care for each other in a joyful way.

With shortage of talents , Marriott well groomed staff had been a great target for head-hunters. Connecting better across generations is a worldwide issue as well. Both two topics benefited from our out of the box and the comfort zone approach.

Encouraged by great reviews and results of the internal satisfaction surveys after the initial workshop, Mr. Allan continued the work with . He was very influential and inspiring in shaping our advanced program by sharing what works better and what needs of hospitality should be addressed .
Greg and his team had won twice in a raw the Best Employer Award .

Mr. Allen firmly believes that happier and caring team caters best for the guests. Please take 2.5 minutes to watch this extra ordinary Joy-Care Leader.

Our training is based on combination of evidence from most recent research in the fields of Positive Psychology, EQ, Social neuroscience, Behavioural economy. It combines emotional learning techniques from, Gestalt and lots of playfulness, humor , laughter improvisation theater and story telling.

Our programs spark fire within teams, open hearts to communicate safely with care, unleashes creativity and enthusiasm. Our task is to facilitate a safe environment where intrinsic motivation transforms individuals and teams. The measurable result is increased team resilience, engagement, morale, comradeship which reflect both in increased customer satisfaction, productivity, talent retention and profitability.

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