We were all given the name of a different person and asked to research their life and create an outcome that communicates our personal perspective and creative response to the biographic information. I was given Brian Eno.

I wanted to do something set to his music that was self generative.

I filmed corn flour on a speaker. As when mixed with with just the right amount of water (about 1 part water to 10 of corn flour)corn flour creates a non-Newtonian fluid which behaves in a very peculiar way.The corn flour mix is a shear thickening (dilatant) non-Newtonian fluid which means it viscosity increases when it is agitated. So with my mix when stirred very slowly it is quite runny (like single cream) but when you stir it hard it
becomes almost solid, breaking and cracking, but returning to it runny form as soon as you stop The mix behaves in an even stranger ways when certain frequencies.

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