my very first video remix using auto-tune [which is probably not much noticeable] from non-music videos and incorporating it with music and trying to get creative. These clips were originally from youtube then I mashed it up for a final project in Fall 2009, here is the original mash up (DMS 419 'George Bush & Frank Caliendo Mash Up')

My insipration and motivation comes from DJ STEVE PORTER, whom in my opinion, has changed the era of Video Mixing & Remixing

Comments & Feedback is appreciated as long as it's clean and beneficial, I like to experience & explore and try different things while being Diverse & Versatile. We all learn from each other. Thanks again DJ STEVE PORTER!
Music: Mark Siegenthaler - Bass X - Deep Fusion1 from the Sony Acid Music Studio 7.0 Sampler Disk | © 2005 Madison Media Software, Inc.; a subsidiary of Sony Corporation of America. All Rights Reserved.

produced on January 30th of 2011

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