See (I am Nick Hope and this is "test 1"). Also see

Thanks to "amendegw" (Jerry), Kimberly and "Stringer" (Gregory) for permission to use the footage. Thanks to "musicvid" (Mark) for help with the project.

I uploaded the exact same file to YouTube at

Sony Vegas 10.0c
Debugmode Frameserver 2.7
Tdeint 1.1

AviSynth Script:


MeGUI 1911
x264 1867
Nero AAC Encoder 1.5.4

Changed settings in MeGUI to achieve the following x264 command line:

program --profile main --level 3.1 --crf 19.6 --deblock -2:-1 --keyint 300 --min-keyint 29 --bframes 2 --b-pyramid none --no-weightb --ref 2 --weightp 0 --qpmin 3 --subme 6 --trellis 0 --no-mixed-refs --output "output" "input"

Render time: 34 mins on my core 2 duo T7800 @ 2600 MHz with 4GB RAM

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