With over 13,000km of rugged coastline including islands and embayments, magnificent red sandstone cliffs, soaring escarpments and stunning wildlife , the Kimberley coast is truly a world class wilderness and a wildlife photographer's delight.

On this exciting 9 night / 10 day expedition cruise, departing Broome on the 1st of August and led by adventurer, naturalist and documentary film-maker Richard Costin, you'll weave your way through the Buccaneer Archipelago with thousands of islands surrounded by unique fringing reef systems. You'll explore isolated sand cays and remote reefs full of giant clams, turtles and colourful corals, and immerse yourself in the Kimberley's unique geology, flora and fauna.

We'll visit parts the Kimberley that the other charter boats seldom visit: Augustus Island, one of the Kimberley's largest islands at the top of Camden Sound, the remote and windswept Wildcat Reef, The Lacepede Islands, and Adele Island - the Kimberley's farthest offshore island - and along with the Lacepedes, an important bird and turtle rookery where you'll see Lesser Frigate Birds, Brown and Masked Boobies nesting.
You'll visit Raft Point with its magnificent Aboriginal artworks, Ruby Falls, a natural amphitheater containing a beautiful waterfall and safe freshwater swimming hole, the iconic Horizontal Waterfalls in Talbot Bay (which David Attenborough described as one of the "Great natural wonders of the world"), beautiful Dugong Bay with its many islands and stunning coastline, and Montgomery Reef, Australia's largest inshore reef which appears to rise from the sea on a falling tide.

Did you know that the Kimberley is home to the world's largest population of Humpback whales, now estimated at approximately 30,000? We'll visit Camden Sound, soon to be the Kimberley's first inshore marine park, where you'll observe these magnificent cetaceans in their birthplace, many with newborn calves. Every year a significant number travel from their Antarctic feeding grounds to the warm tropical Kimberley waters to mate and give birth.

By supporting this trip you'll also be participating in important research into the Kimberley's cetaceans: Humpback, Pilot and Pygmy Killer Whales, Australian Snub-fin Dolphins, Bottlenose and Spinner Dolphins.

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