Since time began we have seen the shark as the silent deadly killer of the ocean - deeply engrained in the human psyche as an object of fear. However, the fact is that in an average year, sharks account for less than ten human deaths, while in the same period we kill tens of millions of them. What’s more, 99% are killed for their fins alone which are added to a soup to make an oriental delicacy. The fact that sharks are facing extinction to satisfy this demand for soup is becoming well known. But how do the fins reach the markets? Who is making the money? How much money is being made? When and where is shark finning legal, and when is it illegal? And should we care?

The Fin Trail © will follow this trade from beginning to end and will travel the world in search of the answers. We will track down the profiteers and gangsters behind the business that is pushing a group of animals towards extinction. We will calculate their profits – in effect the price of extinction – and will smoke out the corrupt officials turning a blind eye to what is happening. We will try to find out to what extent governments across the world are colluding in the extermination of one of the oldest inhabitants of our planet. And we will meet the conservationists around the globe who are fighting a rearguard action against the slaughter.

The unique shark filmmaking partnership of Steve Bowes, Richard Peirce and Simon Spear, will lay bare The Fin Trail ©. Stunning imagery of sharks in their natural environment will balance graphic footage showing the cruel brutality of the fin trade. The film will name, shame, pull no punches and will unmask those who would rather stay in the shadows. The Fin Trail © will leave audiences in no doubt about who is guilty and who is innocent and at the same time will celebrate the efforts of those around the world who are involved in the battle to save the kings of the ocean.

The trails will lead to China and southeast Asia. Where there is demand there will always be a supply, for this reason the filmmakers have forged alliances with leading Chinese campaigners who are working to change laws and attitudes in the world’s largest market for shark products. A Chinese ban on the import of shark fins would remove 95% of the global demand for fins. The Fin Trail © will document the work of the Chinese legislators and campaigners who history may record as having played a major role in saving the world’s sharks.

This will be an international documentary for an international market and will be the most revealing and hardest hitting shark film ever made.

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