Global Game Jam 2011 NL (theme: extinction) entry and winner of 1st place & crowd pleaser award.

GLITCHHIKER is a game which can itself become extinct.

Everytime a player anywhere in the world starts up the game, the game itself loses 1 life. However,
for every 100 coins the player collects while playing the game a life is added. This way players directly influence whether the game lives and prospers or becomes extinct. When the game becomes extinct it can no longer be played or downloaded.

GLITCHHIKER was made by a TEAM of six PEOPLE.

Laurens de Gier: Game Design / Visualisation Design / Visualisation Development
Rami Ismail: Project Lead / Backend Development / Website Development
Jan Willem Nijman: Game Design Lead / Game Development / Game VFX
Jonathan Barbosa Dijkstra: Game Design / Game Art
Rutger Muller: Game Audio / Game SFX
Paul Veer: Lead Game Art / Website Art

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