The Feast of Our Lady of "Monte Carmelo", occupies a special place in folklore of Terracina. The feast is linked to the anniversary of Our Lady of "Monte Carmelo" on July 16, and as the feast of the Marina district, has always had a cultural relationship with the sea and when in the beginning of the last century.
Our Lady of "monte Carmelo" was taken to the patron saint of fishermen this relationship has become explicit. On Saturdays throughout the fishing world and beyond gather to celebrate the Virgin Mary with a Mass at the Church of SS. Savior, then there is the impressive procession at sea and gives a deep tone of
tourism. Craft (fishing boats) decorated with nets, flowering branches and shells, as well as thousands of lights lit, lined up behind the fishing boat is
chosen, the one that carries the statue of the Madonna, and all sail for a ride along the coast until you arrive at Circeo promontory where every year are thrown into the water and laurel wreaths in memory of the dead sea. The return of Madonna to the port of Terracina is greeted with fireworks.
On Sunday evening, singers and groups known in the Italia people and entertain the many tourists that are present in the festivities. The band "City of Terracina" performs during the days of festivities.

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