What would it take to get the whole world to stop for a minute and play a game? It would have to be something huge. Something awesome. Something anyone, anywhere could play.... We built the biggest claw game ever and invited the world to play it online.

The game was designed and constructed in our workshop and installed in our front windows. The 2,000 pound steel structure stands 12 feet tall, 17 feet wide, and 8 feet deep. Two remote-controlled wheelchair motors allow players to control the claw with the click of their arrow keys from thousands of miles away.

We filled the game, "The Santa Claw", with all of Santa's leftover gifts – awesome finds like leather chaps, the complete Dokken collection on vinyl, Old English cologne, and Zebra-striped Snuggies. Players can log into the Flash website at thesantaclaw.com, choose their own avatar, and chat with each other while waiting for their turn. When players won, we shipped prizes straight to their doors.

To announce the game, we sent giant tokens to friends and clients. After playing, they were able to share their win (or loss) with friends on Facebook or Twitter from within our site. Word spread fast. Soon, everyone wanted to play. We got over 200,000 visits in just three weeks. Those players kept sharing, racking up thousands of posts on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. Blogs, newspapers, and television news across the country picked up the story and helped spread the word. Our line grew.

We made a lot of new connections with people that appreciate fun, big ideas. And we've found that those are the people that make great clients. A few of our new friends have already called to ask what we can do for them.

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