I made this video when I received my first finished wines in bottles. It was such a big moment to see something I had been working on for over a year finally near completion. I actually printed the labels at kinkos so that I could experience the final physical manifestation of all of my hard work.

Starting something from scratch takes a certain dedication and commitment. I can't tell you how many doors were shut in my face or how many mistakes and challenges it took to get these bottles in my hand in Brooklyn. I literally was told that using a 1 liter bottle was 'impossible', let alone a lightweight Liter from recycled glass.

This video is about me being stoked on my commitment to the style of wines I wanted to make and to creating a label that symbolizes and celebrates doing things a little differently. It get's me fired up for the future.

Of course, it was about 10 minutes after making this vid that the next challenge dawned on me, now I have to sell it!

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