"The more time I spend looking around me, and I mean really looking around me, the more people I see...with disordered eating." Shannon Sturgeon November 2010

After reading Shannon's blog on Tumblr I was silent. I didn't know who to tell, then I asked her if she would allow me to tell everyone her story, and the stories of others suffering with disordered eating.

"Perfection" is my first documentary, inspired by the true stories of Shannon Sturgeon, Stephanie Kane, and Colleen O'leary. I am still working on "sweetening" up some minor changes.

My mission is to create a broader view on eating disorders, including knowledge of those not otherwise specified (EDNOS) and break the stereotypes on the "look" of eating disorders.

**Mikaela (the blonde in the reenactments does not suffer from an eating disorder) **

This video received a Gold Key at the Regional level for the Scholastics Young Arts and Writers competition.

Shot with an HPX and Canon Rebel T1i and edited on Avid Media Composer.

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