This Is Not A F*ing Christmas Tree [HD] 6:22

Final Destruction of all the "One Thing I Hate/Hated About 2010" 8.5x11 printed papers submitted by:
William Evertson, LuAnn Palazzo, Kathleen McHugh, Keith Buchholz, Jennifer Kosharek, Angela Ferrara, three anonymous, Matthew Rose, Milan Kohout, Betty Esperanza, Cathy Nolan Vincevic, Ria Vanden Eynde, Jack Cymber, Margaret Bellafiore, Chelsea Coon, Ivana Rezek, Eric Ostrander, Tom Plsek, Jane Wang

and featuring "La Peur" by Christine Brault
(translation below)

special thanks to all the artists who submitted their hated things and Liz Roncka, sara june, Daniel DeLuca, Sandrine Schaefer, and the Mobius Artists Group and Board.

One thing I hated in 2010


fear of losing my father
fear that he suffers from this illness, from this injury
fear of the danger of anesthesia – long ago, his heart
had stopped beating on the operating table –
fear that my father may feel useless
fear that my father may do too much
fear that my father may fear

today, I await his call to hear some more news…

believe in our father
believe in life that continues on vibrating in his whole being
believe in the happiness he feels of still being here, now
believe in the love he generates
believe in his strength and his will to enjoy this life

a life so precious
in each moment
a flame that livens
a glow that glistens

an eventual star that will guide us throughout our own paths

Christine Brault

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