Day 7 on my project.

For reference, I haven't spent more than 2 days on any climb for that last 2 years. It was quite a journey, including extensive cleaning, injuries, broken holds, travel, more broken holds, winter weather, wet holds, half-frozen rivers, and nagging self doubt. I just had to it. I finished up two very hard work projects the day before, freeing much needed mental energy. I woke up early and rode my bicycle to work in the sub-freezing morning air to work 1/2 a day. However, I got caught up in work and left later than I had planed. As I warmed-up, the snow started to fall. It had to happen right now.

I brushed the holds and engaged the first move. The first move is the hardest move of the climb. It alone took me 3 days to complete. I get about 4 attempts a day and have only stuck it twice. I pulled on and into the zone. In the middle of the climb, I felt like a bird in the air. I couldn't fall.

I have never felt so elated about climbing. Within moments, I had contradictory thoughts. I would be content if this was my last climb. It felt more like my first climb. I've reached a new level in my climbing.

Victory Trundle Time!!!

P.S. 1 hour later I was training for the next adventure.

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