Just as it would seem impossible to do this with poker chips, through logical reasoning and analysis I have found more important things that seem impossible but are not which I would like to share with you and bring to the attention of the world.

"The River" consists of approximately $800 of The Bicycle Casino's $1 denomination poker chips, named after the final community card dealt in Texas Holdem (Flop, Turn & River).

The chips span across like a bridge being held together purely because of the weight of the chips above. No adhesive was used to hold them together.

Other forms of this art can be viewed in my portfolio at Art.Behtaj.com

I am a Social Entrepreneur searching for a Philanthropist to help fund my mission. I'm convinced we can "Significantly Improve the World" by identifying significant pockets of potential human improvement which we are overlooking. Please visit my mission blog at Behtaj.com and web site WeFree.Us to learn more.
Making the world better is everyone's business. Please send the following mission information to everyone on your email contact list, share it in your Facebook and other social network accounts and everyone else you know.

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