Writing & Narration - By Steve Gauvin

After a long, and very cold day of questing to achieve "the perfect winter photograph", Steve and I sat down to do some editing. I was teaching him a few things about adobe lightroom 3, which led us to the first important lesson of file organization.

He started reading off some incredible poems that he came across while cleaning up files on his computer and organizing some folders. The music we had playing in the background was more than fitting for the deep words he was speaking, so I slowly got my camera out, perched it on a cup, and discretely hit record. I had to at least try to record something without him realizing ... or else the mood and feel would have been as genuine.

You'll notice that i try to keep my voice as quiet as possible and say as little as possible, i was hoping that i wouldn't be audible on the recording but i had to say something in response to him in order to hear more!


Amazing job Steve, don't ever stop writing.

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