In Chiwambo, a village at escarpment of the Makonde plateau in South-Eastern Tanzania, extension staff wanted to develop a village land-use plan in a participatory way.

This video was made in 1997 as part of this process to get insights into issues related to land-use and to stimulate discussions amongst villagers. In this video, villagers explain land uses covering forest, agricultural fields, herding, water, pottery and gemstone mining.

The video provided a forum for people who are normally not heard. Extension and research staff perceptions on priority issues changed, and the initial ideas for a village land-use plan were shelved. Instead, villagers and extension staff developed a plan to control gully erosion on the foot slope of the escarpment where the best.

More on land-use in Chiwambo in Journal of Social Development in Africa, Vol 18(1) - 2003; and in The Land 3(2): 89-100.

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