I`m an animation director with strong focus on character animation and comical storytelling.

Bringing things to life and developing a deeper understanding of movement, mass and emotional expression is my passion a an animator. Animating is a lot like acting and I love to explore human mind through diving into a character and to fill it with soul.

As a storyteller I want to narrate genuinely from my heart. I love to make people laugh, so I use humour and comical elements in my storys but not as an end in itself. To me humour is a powerful tool of realization, Kind of applied non-elitist philosophy where everyone has access to, because the magnificent ability to laugh is essentially and naturally given to each of us.

I think, even the silliest joke contains a little truth about who we are as human beings. The higher the quality of the joke the more truth about our life it reveals.

As a director I realized that I can trust my gut feelings, might it concern asthetics or content. Of course I learned all the rules how „film has to be done“ at film class but I´m way more interested in finding my own attitude and to work along my curiousity.

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