Shot entirely on an iPhone 4 using a glyph mount on a tripod, Kessler Pocket Dolly, nasty clamp, and steadicam.

Here is a link for more production-related information:

One of the core values here at Washtenaw Community College is Innovation, and one way we achieve this is by exposing our students to new and diverse technologies in the classroom.

An example of such technology is the inclusion the Apple iPad. It is already known to be a teaching device, but it can also be used as a versatile tool and data interface for vocational technology courses.

Here you can see automotive students are able to check out an iPad, just like they would any other tool. They can then use it to diagnose their vehicle when it exhibits a problem. For example, it can tell them exactly why the Check Engine light is on by providing engine codes. Being wireless lets students take the device anywhere with them, and access real-time data. Students can get more work done during lab time, as the iPad can load and process information much faster than other tools. Lastly, many students are already comfortable using handheld smart devices like these, therefore the interface learning curve is low.

Using the latest in technology exposes students to yet another way to problem solve utilizing different tools. This makes their skillset more valuable in the job market. A multitude of Apps are also available, and more are constantly being created for new uses in many different industries. When considering cost, iPads can sometimes be less expensive than other tools, while processing information much faster. And with a wireless connection, reference information from the internet is right at the student's fingertips.

Using technology in the labs and classrooms is just one way WCC is innovating the student learning experience.

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