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The Wish-Granting Prayer of Kuntuzangpo

1) HO! Phenomena and noumena, samsara and nirvana,
all experience, has one ground, yet two paths and two results –
displays of either gnosis or ignorance.
Through this wish-granting prayer of Kuntuzangpo
may all beings attain consummate perfection and buddhahood
in the palace of all-inclusive spaciousness.

2) This ground of all is unconditioned, uncreated,
an unutterable, self-originating, vast expanse,
where neither “samsara” nor “nirvana” are known.
Awareness of this reality is Buddhahood,
while beings ignorant of it wander in samsara.
May all sentient beings of the triple world
attain awareness of the ineffable ground of being.

3) I, Kuntuzangpo, affirm that I am that,
the uncaused and unconditioned ground of being,
with gnosis arising spontaneously within it;
free of defiling notions of inside and outside,
free of positive or negative discrimination,
free of dark traces of unmindfulness,
my self-manifest display is faultless.

In pristine gnosis, abiding in stillness,
though the triple world burns there is no fear,
no attachment to the five sensory pleasures,
and with spontaneous non-conceptual cognition
there is no material form and no five poisons.

As this uncrystallizing radiant aspect of gnosis
the one essence contains the five aspects of awareness;
in the evolution of this fivefold awareness
the five modes of the original buddha emerge;
in them through fully expanded awareness
the forty-two buddhas arise;
and through the potency of the fivefold pristine awareness
the sixty blood-drinking herukas appear:
thus the gnostic ground is never deluded.

Through the utterance of this, my wish-granting prayer,
may all sentient beings of the triple world of samsara
recognize their intrinsic gnosis
so that pristine awareness may optimize.

(4) My apparitional emanation unhindered,
incalculable myriads of forms
in manifold illusion transfigure beings,
whosoever and whatsoever they may be.
Through this, my compassionate wish-granting prayer,
may all creatures of samsara’s triple world
escape the destinies of the six mythic modes of being.

(5) In the first place, for deluded sentient beings
since gnosis does not arise in the ground
inattentiveness and bewilderment arises;
in the state of ignorance and delusion,
with sudden fainting away,
feelings of dread and vacillation arise;
“I” is alienated from a hostile “other,”
and the mind progressively conditioned thereby
samsara is established as a way of life.
The five emotions increasing, defilement resulting,
the karma of the five poisons is an interminable stream.

Since the basis of sentient beings’ delusion
is unmindfulness and the absence of gnosis,
through this, my wish-granting prayer
may all sentient beings of the triple world
recognize their own intrinsic gnosis.

(6) “Innate ignorance”
(accompanying each moment of perception)
implies unmindful, distracted cognition,
and “conceptual ignorance”
(selecting, structuring and labelling)
implies dualistic cognition.
This twofold ignorance, innate and conceptual,
forms the basis of all beings’ delusion.

Through this, the buddha’s wish-granting prayer,
may all of samsara’s sentient beings,
the gloom of their befogged, distracted, minds dissolving,
dualistic perception unified in pellucid clarity,
recognize the original face of gnosis.

(7) The dualizing intellect is fearful and insecure,
breeding subtle cravings
that crystallize as overt, compulsive desires,
desire for food, wealth and clothing, home and friends,
for fivefold sensual pleasure and loving companions,
and the yearning of sexual attraction.
Such are the tormenting obsessions of worldly delusion,
the karma of ego-craving that is never exhausted.
When the fruit of this craving ripens,
tormented by frustrated desire,
reborn as a hungry ghost,
ah! the misery of hunger and thirst.

Through this, the buddha’s wish-granting prayer,
may all beings possessed by compulsive desire
neither repressing nor rejecting the pangs of frustration
nor accepting nor indulging obsessive lusts,
let cognition relax into its natural state,
and gnosis resuming its natural primacy
may everyone attain all-discriminating awareness.

(8) Confronted by the appearance of external objects
a tremulous vibration of fear arises
that crystallizes as a tendency to aversion
wherein enmity breeds aggression and killing.
When the fruit of hatred ripens,
ah! the agony of burning and boiling in hell.

Through this, the buddha’s wish-granting prayer,
when aggressive hatred erupts
in any of the beings of the six realms,
without inhibition or indulgence
may they relax and release the stress in the natural state,
and gnosis resuming its natural primacy
may they all attain the awareness of radiant clarity.

(9) When the mind is swollen with confidence,
the intellect scornfully contending with others
breeds a mind full of arrogant pride,
creating violent confrontation or war
and all of its consequent suffering.
When the fruit of such karma ripens
a god – heir to decay and eventual downfall – is born.

Through this, the buddha’s wish-granting prayer,
may all beings prone to inflated confidence
relax at its onset and release the stress in cognition;
allowing gnosis to resume its natural primacy
may everyone attain the awareness of sameness.

(10) The crystallized tendencies of a split mind,
elevating self and diminishing others,
breed the karma of contention and violent aggression.
This leads to rebirth as a murderous titan
in the anti-gods’ realm of constant conflict
where downfall into hell is the final outcome.

Through this, the buddha’s wish-granting prayer,
when contention or violent confrontation arises
may everyone break the habit of demonizing others
and relax, releasing the stress in cognition.
Allowing pure sensory perception its primacy,
may everyone attain the awareness of unhindered action.

(11) Unmindfulness, apathy and a wandering mind,
dullness, torpor and forgetfulness,
languor, laziness and stupidity,
result in rebirth as a wandering, homeless beast.

Through this, the Buddha’s wish-granting prayer,
may the radiance of mindful clarity dawn
in the gloom of sloth and depression
to bring awareness of a silent mind.

(12) Every single triple-world sentient being
is one with me, the buddha, in the existential ground,
but unmindful, they are lost in delusion
and without presence in the moment, they are slaves of karma.
Yet the six types of karma are delusory dream,
for I am the buddha, the original buddha,
transfiguring through emanation the six types of beings.

Through this wish-granting prayer, Kuntuzangpo’s prayer,
may all sentient beings without exception
attain buddhahood in the spaciousness of reality.

Ho! Hereafter, when powerful yogis and yoginis
recite this powerful wish-fulfilling prayer
with the natural clarity of undeluded gnosis
all sentient beings who hear it
attain optimal buddhahood in three births.
In the event of solar or lunar eclipse,
earthquake or electrical storm,
at the solstices or the turn of the year,
by virtue of the aspiration of the yogin or yogini
who visualizes himself as Kuntuzangpo
and recites this prayer in the hearing of others
may all sentient beings of the triple world
gradually be released from suffering
and finally attain buddhahood.

Extrapolated from the chapter which through powerful aspiration induces involuntary buddhahood for sentient beings in the tantra of Great Perfection that reveals the mind of Kuntuzangpo without obstruction, a revealed text of Rigdzin Godemchan Ngodrup Gyaltsen.

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