Henrik Bülow is a Danish Photographic institution in and of himself. His work is to be found in all the vanguard danish fashion bibles, and in nearly all of their issues. He's a prolific framer-- his shots rolling off the printing presses are usually the first snap of every set-up-- his index finger knows what he wants, and Bülow's command of a set is as effective as it is captive.

I asked Uffe Buchard if I could film a day with Henrik Bülow & Co. on a Dansk Magazine shoot, and so I did, cutting the result to the moody ballad of "Black Room" by Moby (mobygratis.com).

Thanks to Stephen Mackinder for arranging it all (mackinder.eu).

Shot on a Nikon D7000 with 30+ year old AIS lenses: 85mm 1.8/ 50mm 1.4/ 28mm 2.8

The images of Henrik Bülow will be available in issue S/S 2011 of Dansk Magazine (danskmagazine.com)

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