Sir Patrick Stewart presents a fascinating introduction to the European Spallation Source - one of Europe's most advanced and exciting scientific projects.
For the past 2 decades Europe has been designing and planning the ESS, a major science facility that will provide the world's most intense beams of neutrons for the study of the structure and dynamics of materials at the atomic level.
ESS has been described as the Hubble telescope of neutron sources, probing deep into materials with unprecedented clarity. It will be one of the most important and prestigious scientific research facilities in the world, enabling developments as diverse and as significant as drug magnetic materials for data storage...super strong, super light ceramics for engineering.... biocompatible materials for repairing our fragile bodies.......hydrogen fuel for clean transport ......innovative processes for capturing carbon.... the list is endless.

Professor Sir Patrick Stewart, OBE, Chancellor of the University of Huddersfield in the UK and world-famous Shakespearian actor and star of science-fiction films such as Star Trek and X-Men, presents the movie which was funded by ESFRI FP7 grant agreement No 202247 "NeutronSourceESS".

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