WeSC has for the presentation of Fall 2011 collaborated with creative masterminds 2FACED1 and let them interpret WeSC's Fall 2011 Theme and Collection: The Superlative Union. The result is presented in a series of six amazing images, featuring the WeSC Fall 11 Collection. The result will be premiered at Spy Bar in Stockholm on Feb 2:nd!

It's about coming together, creating a union and doing so in style and creativity. 2FACED1's Decida here tells us about herself, their work and why she thinks a Superlative Union is a great idea.

Hello Decida / 2FACED1! Do you want to start off by introducing yourself?

- You can call me some sort of a popcultural nerd, music fiend and global inner city citizen based in Stockholm. I have a background as a freestyle dancer who studied sociology and graphic design, and am currently more active as a Stage Director, Creative Director and Stylist, or Stylosopher as I like to call it. One who use clothing as codes for identity, know the brand history, both the official one and the one of the streets and sees style as an reaction of the society it’s created in.

Where does the name 2FACED1 come from and what does it mean and represent?

- It comes from finding a common denominator among the people I always hung out with.  All of us were highly aware about existing stereotypes related to our race, nationality, sex and class. I realised we were trying to avoid them and sometimes play with them to make people think twice about who we were. So to be twofaced doesn’t mean anything negative here it rather explain the double folded view you have on identity if your not the norm, it means you have the feet in different worlds, can move between them but feel rather at home in that space in between. You step out of your comfort zone and becomes one of the new identities where ol' categories are mashed up and where rootlessness and non-given identity just means major possibilities.

How do you interpret The Superlative Union (WeSC's Fall 2011 Theme)?

- Since we’re the masters of making things that doesn’t seem to go together go together, whether it’s an union between your self image and other peoples comprehension of you or high culture and pop culture, we of course helped WeSC out with creating a Superlative Union. Tomorrow night we’re showing our take on the theme in a round of photos on a bunch of 2FACED1s by me and photographer Anders Lindén, but there will also be a unique opportunity to enter a union with help from us, the unifying experts!

You're pretty damn active and creative - where does it all come from? And where is it all going?

- I guess it comes from restlessness and not being satisfied with what you can do, what you are supposed to do. And realizing the message is more important than the type of media you are working with/in. My plan is to keep on presenting progressive and pathfinding 2FACED1s.

The images were presented at Spy Bar Stockhplm during Stockholm Fashion Week on February 2:nd 2011!

Big thanks for the music in the video to Kings Of The Universe, track "Rules of Our House".

For more information, visit wesc.com/press or contact pr@wesc.com.
Also have a look at 2faced1.com!

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