Through donating 100% of profits to Global Tribe, we found a way to party until the sun came up and all the while doing so in good conscience knowing that together we were making a difference.

There is a serious issue with poverty in this world, and while we enjoy the luxury of being able to spend a couple of nights a week out on the town…the majority of the world doesn’t.

Through our partnership with Global Tribe we managed to raise $1,500 in our race to help adopt and teach abandoned single mother’s and their children who are living in some of the world’s worst conditions.

We have identified over 400 single mothers and their children down in just one section of Tijuana, Mexico. This is the beginning of a new focus for both Global Tribe and Vitalic Noise. Realizing that 81% of global poverty is among this suffering group, with 900 million single mothers trying to raise their kids on next to nothing it’s time for us to band together. We’ve have so much, yet how often do we complain that it is never enough?

Today there are 900 million mothers making less than $1 a day. We found over a dozen of them the first day we arrived at the DUMP in Mexico, and 400 more down the road in Tecate. On other recent travels we have found more single mothers with children living in extreme poverty in Haiti and Africa and are gearing up to meet them soon and share their stories with you. Alone we can do nothing, but together? We can change lives. Forever. Together we can help them learn to earn, and proved the tools to make a living – off the trash dump. Help us rescue the single mothers and in doing so, rescue their Children.

Thanks for coming out yet again, and for showing your support!

Prep yourselves for a coming announcement regarding the lineup for our next event:

Feb 24th, 2011 – MAI

It’s going to be next level.


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