Another X-men vid, this one focusing on the complex relationship between Wolverine and Sabertooth. For all the faults and plot holes that made Origins a crappy film, this is the one part of the movie they got right. Take notes, Marvel comics! If there had been more focus on the brothers and less on 'Bawwww! You killed my girlfriend/plot MaGuffin!', it would have made for a much better film.

A lot of inspiration for the vid came from reading threads between two of my RP buddies over on LJ who play the characters. You two are FANTASTIC in your interpretation of the characters. Rock on dudes. This is just a little gift from me to you. :)

Song: Until the Day I Die
Artist: Story of the Year
Footage: X-men Origins: Wolverine, character spots, and the Sabretooth featurette

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