We are shooting a dokumentary of a very special Rockfestival in a very small town in Germany nearby the coast of the Baltic Sea for years.

The Festival trys to keep the music of Frank Zappa alive - he dies much to early in 1993. On the Zappanale.de every year Bands with young musicians from all over the world play together with the alumni from several Zappa Bands.
This is great fun for every Zappa-Fan but not for his widow Gail - she trys to ban all of of them because she thinks that only here son Dweezil is allowed to play Zappa music.

Just to show her what all the wonderfull musicians think about this festival we cut this short film out of hours and hours of wonderfull footage...

We shot on a Panasonic HPX301 and a Canon 7D with a 300mm consumer lens standing nearby the mixer. Nothing spectacular, but they fit together perfectly.
For more information check out our website donmedien.com
The incredible singer is Ernie Odoom from lebocal.com - and i hope you all know Jean Luc ponty.com

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