For the summer season, Vanessa Bruno has once again worked together with director Stephanie Di Giusto on a film with actress Lou Doillon.

A three-measure visual poem like three exquisite moments with composer Gonzales appearing like an unforeseen encounter. A punctuation of sound. In this way the film sets free three life movements: three tempos expressing the poetry of a garment, delicate gentleness in motion, freedom of gesture bringing forth life.
The first measure. The sound of percussions thudding a race, impromptu choreography by Lou, barefoot, a throbbing corporeal experience, an awakening. The arousal of sensations. The second measure. An inner searching ambience. Introspection, the emotion of a composition played on the piano by Gonzales. Lou’s tears, those of a breathless heart, brimming over. The third measure. Release, self-discovery, a soothing deed. A silent cry, brute. Lou standing upright, in a car. A long travelling, uplifted arms. As if she’s flying. Escape. Music composed specially by Gonzales to accompany Lou.
A film or tale of inner adventure.

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