CLICK >>> Local Business Internet Videos Interviews with Local Marketing Guy, Rob Smith is the most unique internet video interviewing web site. Local businesses will not only be able to highlight their service and share the video with their customers, clients and prospects, but the video will be launched to multiple video sharing sites, social bookmarking sites and ping Google. This is not like the local news outlet that is that has an online video interviewing site, but this has real online marketing value with keyword loaded videos that favor the local business on a web site that have a new media marketing blogging web site. The unique thing about web sites like this, local businesses will be able to do this themselves.

The goal is to one, get out and meet local businesses across the United States and give them an one time marketing value with the keyword loaded blog and video launch on to give them relevance in the local market place(s) online. This can be achieved by any business by themselves if they use web sites tools like what If you need help acquiring a new media marketing tool like Local VIDEO Biz, just ask The Local Marketing Guy - Rob Smith.

> Rob Smith
The Local Marketing Guy


Rob Smith "The Local Marketing Guy" grew up with in North central Ohio in a town named Mansfield right off I-71 between Cleveland and Columbus. His parents were hard working local educators in middle schools and elementary schools in the Mansfield area. Rob's mom, elementary school teacher, always give him the creative outlet with the sketch book, crayons, pastels, pencils, paint or whatever made a mark that created art. Rob's dad, an industrial arts teacher - wood shop and more, brought a new level to the game. Rob's dad had a access to an amazing facility that not only had all the wood working tools - machinery, plastic vacuum forms, metal casting, airbrush art and techniques and more. These all were tools and an outlet for Rob to learn the beginning of advertising and marketing through a hands on creative outlet. With his mom's creative out of the box thinking that helps bring out the creative energies with his inner self and his dad's technical and creative thinking and use of the tools, Rob started to make simple graphical communications through sand blast signage, air brushing clothing - signs - etc, drafting/indian inking black and white logos. This was in the mid to early 1980's.

As time moved, Rob started to get into art more and more, but commercial art. Art was everyday and how can that art help the view take action to what they were looking at. The next phase was his long time art teacher a and football coach from the 5th grade, Coach/Mr. Matt Godsil that started to prep Rob pave his way into a college path at The University of Akron in Akron, Ohio.

After learning all the old school and new school graphic design (at the time new school), learned before the computer - even with a t-square and funny materials called Amberlith and Rubylith - LOL, Rob became obsessed with high end direct response graphic design and even started to lear design for web site to work on Netscape and AOL. Those were the days and at the time, with the old Macintosh computers and this funny thing called the Internet with dial-up modems.

After earning a BFA in Graphic Design and a minor in illustration (Came with the package - to funny!) College Rob worked at a few small local printing, design firms and an interactive multimedia company in 1995 through 1996. Finally he got a break and got an outstanding opportunity at a big Cleveland, Ohio advertising agency called Meldrum and Fewsmith - Like a Mad Men style agency only in Cleveland: ( in the division Arocomm Marketing - a full service direct response media, interactive and huge in print direct mail and advertising campaigns with national brands like Royal Appliance, Lowes Home Improvement, Rubbermaid, Libby Glass, CVS Pharmacy, MTD International (products like lawn tractors and more), Sealy Posturepedic, and many more national brands. From the get go Rob worked on direct response super bowl campaigns, national campaigns that broke off to multiple local marketing campaigns. This was a cool spark in Rob's curiosity. National campaigns that have to be broken down to micro level local markets so that these mega companies can sell products and services.
By the way, Meldrum and Fewsmith closed it's doors in the mid 2000's

That is the second spark of excitement since creating neat little wood and airbrushed/spray painted signs and designing 1980’s style logo for graphical communications in local markets, there is more than just signage. Signage is a cog in a huge wheel in advertising and marketing. And so it begins. Rob worked in high end branding firms, designs firms, an in-house marketing department (needed to see how things worked on the client side of things) and worked on some of the most prestigious accounts and some of the biggest rebrands in the nations history with the AT&T/SBC/BellSouth?Cingular Wireless merger. You would be amazed in how this goes all the way down to the local level.

> The Move to Colorado

In 2006, with his wonderful wife and kids huge support and sacrificing the time they share with Rob, he jumped into business as a independent marketer in Atlanta Georgia. Since Atlanta Rob and his family have moved operations to Northern Colorado near his wife’s, Ruth, family.

Rob is currently working with local businesses on the front range of Colorado and a few other markets in the United States. While still consulting with a few national brands and some up and coming brands that will be taking the real estate market in a storm, Rob continues to embrace local businesses in their market place(s). Ever since the mid 1990’s, it is proven that every business needs to market their products and services to their local markets and communities. With the new technology available with Internet marketing/Social Media/Internet Video and still with lower cost printing capabilities for offline direct mail and other marketing collateral. With cost lowering of the cost with the tools that big business only had access too are now in reach of the small business owner. Now things get real exciting. Small business people are faster and more nimble than the big business model. Granted, Rob loves working with big business on big projects, but I can tell you from years of experience that they are much slower, think things out to long to make sure that they are doing the right thing or even have to go through multiple layers of red tape and different internal approvals. Think of it this way, if that employee makes a mis-calculation or wrong move they might open themselves up to either getting fired, put on probation or might lose out on the next promotion. Not to say that all corporations are this way, but put yourself in their shoes or you were in there shoes at one time. You are an entrepreneur, a savvy local business owner that relies on your business for future wealth and to feed your family. If you make a mistake, you try something else until you win. That is what it is all about by leveling the playing field with big business that market in your local markets.

More people do business with the local businesses and will pay that extra cost if needed. They know that they will be taken care of because the local business is the fabric of every community. Local businesses are the driving force for America. We all grew up with them. They sponsors our children’s sporting teams, they are they place that you remember growing up with and seeing that same owners, sales person or the kids that had to hang out with mom and dad and you know them. This is the life and the spirit of local communities in this country. We want to be sustainable in our local communities as much as we can by doing business with that local brick and mortar store front, barber, handy man, accountant, insurance agent or that family ran restaurant that has been there for years that make the best cherry and apple pie around. This builds stronger foundations in local markets, in return there is a happy and grateful community.

This is local pride!

So in honor of all these wonder local businesses, Rob is doing short video 5 minute Internet video interviews with that local business owners, managers or whoever in that business speaks for that business. Since this is powered on a new media marketing blog web site, Rob will keyword load a video in that blog post and will be able to launch that video and distribute to multiple video sites. This will give real marketing value rather than just an interview and posting on YouTube and a web site.

So meet Rob Smith. “The Local Marketing Guy”

Contact him at: 970-430-6020 to see if you can be scheduled for a Internet video interview.

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