Hemayel Martina is the author of “Worried Ancestor Rest In Peace” (“Ansestro Preokupá Sosegá”), a poetry book about the people of Curaçao.

Hemayel Martina (October 24, 1990 - January 29, 2011).

Table of contents (time codes for questions):

00:11 Why are you a poet?
01:07 Do you write more from your heart or your head?
01:28 What’s the title about?
03:41 Do you think your poetry focuses too much on the good things about the people of Curaçao?
05:10 Have you ever written love poetry?
06:53 How did you promote Worried Ancestor Rest In Peace (Ansestro Preokupá Sosegá)?
11:01 After Worried Ancestor Rest In Peace, what's next?

Interviewer: Lee Bob Black.
Date of interview: January 11, 2011.
Location of interview: Durban, South Africa.



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