University of Wyoming Professor Ed Barbier has over 25 years experience as an environmental and resource economist, working on natural resource and development issues as well as the interface between economics and ecology. He has served as a consultant and policy analyst for a variety of national, international and non-governmental agencies, including many UN organizations and the World Bank. Professor Barbier is on the editorial boards of several leading economics and natural science journals. Barbier is also on the Advisory Board for TEEB.

In this interview with Renny MacKay, Barbier discusses his latest book "Scarcity and Frontiers", which looks back over thousands of years at how different cultures reacted as they exploited a resource to near depletion and then moved on to another or other resources.

Produced by UW Television / Outreach Technology Services
Performed in the UW Television Studios
for Wyoming Signatures and aired on Wyoming Public Television.
Directed/Edited by Ali Grossman
Cameras: Steve Costin and Cameron Patey
Audio: Norm Mabbitt
Eng: Todd Lubbers

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