Video: Gisela Hochuli
Concept & Performance: VestAndPage
Duration: 45 minutes
Held at Club Fabrica, Valparaiso, Chile
In occasion of Deformes Biennial 2010.

The performance series BALADA CORPORAL consists of four parts, speaking about the continuity of becoming, the difficulties of real encounters unleashing the physical boundaries of body surface, and transformation through concrete communication: physical, psychological, verbal and nonverbal. The visitors gather with the performers to re-awaken what is constitutional to all humans: the expressive power of body and language. These keynotes help to overcome the actual frozen state of being, not as a matter of nostalgia, but rather to ingrain pure poetry into life by re-evaluating the necessity of honest and sincere human interchange.


Liquid is the state in which matter maintains a fix volume but adapts to the shape of the container.

Two tables are set in a room. Sheets of the score of Mozart’s ‘Lacrimosa’, the unfinished part of ‘Requiem’, cover the floor in a circle. The walls are filled with sentences: laments of contemporary people. Parts of a man’s suit are hanging from the ceiling. The man takes off his jacket and completes the suit with it. The woman pulls the suit up under the ceiling. The man sits on a chair. A nurse takes off blood from his veins and pours it into 7 empty crystal wine glasses. The woman sits facing him frontally at another table. The ‘Lacrimosa’ sounds nearly imperceptibly out of her breast. She covers herself with the tablecloth and frenetically moves her torso forwards and backwards. The man offers his blood in the glasses to the public. The woman washes off the laments from the wall with water. The man shaves and covers his entire body with white paint. The woman wraps herself in a string of candles. She makes the candles enlighten by the public. She whirls around herself until all candles are blown out.

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