Jessica Dance’s ‘Mobear family’ take up residence in Selfridges

As part of Selfridges ‘Bright Young Things’ campaign, Set and accessory designer Jessica Dance has designed and made a window display featuring a family of fantasy creatures called the ‘Mobears’, the window is designed to promote her new mohair accessory collection.

Dance has created a window display, which invites the viewer feel as if they are peering into the Mobears’ family home. It is easy to forget that these are imaginary animals and that you are standing on the corner of Oxford Street. Both the set and the accessories create a warm fuzzy feeling of nostalgia and playful domesticity.

Jessica Dance’s Mobear accessory collection was inspired by her love and fascination with 1970’s craft and home improvement books. The quintessentially British Mobear family home is adorned with Dance’s handmade props and original props from the era.

Each accessory in the Mobear collection is handmade and hand dyed, the Pure Kid Mohair wool used for these unique accessories was sourced from a small working farm in the UK.

When: Friday 4th February 2011 – Saturday 26th February
Where : Selfridges, Oxford Street, London


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Camera: Canon 550D
Lenses: Tokina 11-16mm f2.8, Canon 28mm f1.4
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