A major newspaper in the U.S. recently polled their readership. Among the questions asked was, "If you could ask God anything, what would your first question be?" Overwhelmingly, people responded, "If I could ask God one question, I would ask him, 'Why am I here?'"

It doesn't matter what your spiritual background is, people want to know if this life truly matters. Are we just the result of some random, chanced event in history? Or is there something more? Can we truly have purpose in this life? Is there a reason behind our existence?

Living A Life Of Purpose answers those very questions. Based on Rick Warren's best selling book, A Purpose Driven Life, this series promises to take us on our journey of discovering our God-given purpose.

In week one, we'll take some time to introduce the series and lay the framework for where we'll be going for the rest of the weeks. We'll talk about the benefits of knowing your purpose, and offer some insight into the first steps to discovering your purpose.

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