"Put on Your Climbing Shoes" as scholar Harry Boyte and song artist Heatherlyn build on the work of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and Ella Baker -- evolving from of all places: middle-class Minnesota 2011.

See Heatherlyn sing and Harry give voice to critical connections between 1960's "that-was-then" civil rights movement to "this-is-the-future" cross-partisan We The People Civility movement.

At a house party pilot launch just days after an assassin's bullets sprayed a suburban Arizona shopping mall hitting a Congresswoman, a federal judge, a child and others, their call reverberates nationwide.

As stunned American leaders scramble to start acting civil, Harry and Heatherlyn catalyze all citizens to join the movement -- to jolt the country out of apathy and anger by spreading this "We Have A Dream" with concrete, positive action.

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