Diseases. Extreme Poverty. Lack of Clean Water. No Parents.

These are every day challenges for the students in the slum village of Lenana, Kenya. Despite these challenges, education is thriving as students and families are realizing that the only way out of this poverty is education.

We trace the Standard 8 (8th grade class) at Daghoretti Youth Centre (the only community school*) in Lenana as the 31 students prepare for the KCPE National Exam to receive their 8th grade certificates. Because there is no secondary school available for these students in this poor, rural slum, an 8th grade certificate is the hallmark of their education.

However, this hope and desire often comes with uncertainty. DYC's budget of $7,000 USD has to service over 200 students and orphans, the corruption in Kenya prevents the school from receiving proper textbooks and supplies, and the community is growing deeper in poverty. In fact, many parents have to take their children out of school because they can not afford the $3 a month school fees.

Will these Standard 8 students overcome these challenges? Or will these challenges shatter their opportunity to learn and dream?

* Community schools are privately operated schools that are intended to serve the poor and orphans of the community. They operate on very low tuition, that in most cases is difficult to demand from parents.

Our hope is that this documentary will help us spread the word about these students and raise funds to build a secondary school for them, which is currently unavailable.

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