This was a slightly broken Coleco Alien Attack table top game released origionally in 1981 as one of the very first hand held video games out in the market.

I found it at a garage sale. I opened it up and started searching around for something good. I put four simple bends on this machine. The first thing i found was a pitch augmentation on a resistor near the bottom of the circuit board. When i touched it -- it got slow and started to glitch out. When i threw a variable resistor on top of it -- the game got super fast and started to glitch out.

I put an on/off switch a variable pot and two body contacts.

I found two fantastic random glitch spots-- it worked best with a simple fast interruption so i installed two push button on/off switches, one on each glitch.

Beyond that i found a spot where when you connect a wire the whole machine's volume boosts into slight distortion. I also connected a variable resistor.-- it just makes it glitch out louder and even worse.

These are simple augmentations and very effective creating a machine that repeats unlimited groans, blips, sirens and bleeps all that are illustrated in the video included.

for more information on gambletron:

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