This video was created in hopes of evaluating the effects of Vimeo compression on high-definition footage. However, as we cannot share the camera original footage with the world, this will serve just as a camera test and comparison between the RED One and the new Panasonic AF100.

We shot these two cameras side-by-side, using a variety of exposures in the frame. You will see what kind of effects these exposure have and how the cameras respond. Note especially the highlights and shadows. I have noted all exposure readings in the frame, including the f/stop the lens was set to, for each clip for your reference.

Unless otherwise noted, all footage is camera original, completely unedited. They were captured using the Final Cut Pro Log and Transfer tool to ProRes 422 and exported best-quality h.264 720p.

The RED One footage is RAW, no LUT applied, at native 5600K white balance, and shot with a Cooke S4i 35mm lens. The AF100 was shot in various modes (as noted) using a Zeiss SuperSpeed 25mm lens at 3200K white balance. The crop factor on the AF100 makes the focal lengths roughly similar. Both cameras were shot at ISO320.

The last couple clips were (very) roughly exposure/color corrected just to get a general idea of what kind of results we would get.

Please comment with any questions. We intend to repeat this test soon when the Sony F3 is released, and include some DSLR footage for reference. Look for that coming soon!

In the meantime, check out our blog post which describes our process more in detail and the results we achieved.

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