"Feast of the Foolish" is completed and available for streaming through Indieflix via Xbox, Roku, and online at indieflix.com!


A Depression Era outlaw lost in the desert seeks answers about his future from a dark enchantress, but it’s his past he should be worried about...

The Film
"Feast of the Foolish" is a high-concept short period thriller. Think Carnivale meets Big Fish meets Deadwood. Set in the gangster era of the 1930s and 1940s, this uniquely stylized film provides suspense, mystery, love, and betrayal. After completing an award-winning short, Thirsty Girl Films plans to produce a feature length adaptation of this script. For more information, please visit: feastofthefoolish.com

After a daring daylight heist, a young outlaw, Oliver, finds himself mysteriously stranded in the desert. After nearly collapsing from the heat, he happens upon a group of odd carnival gypsies. Oliver desperately demands answers from them. As night falls, the strangers lead him to a magnificent glowing house, radiating like a blazing beacon in the empty desert. Inside, a dark enchantress waits in the shadows, tempting him with a seductive game of chance. Oliver chooses a tarot reading instead, seeking clarity about his future. But it’s the past he should be worried about.

Our Story
Thirsty Girl Films is a gritty group of passionate filmmakers specializing in everything from cultural documentaries to high-concept narratives. We take pride in our ingenuity and resourcefulness in getting the job done right, without a spending a fortune. Through powerful imagery and experimental techniques, Thirsty Girl Films strives to awaken the wonder and curiosity that hides within all of us, while pushing the boundaries in the art of storytelling. We are dedicated to bringing together talented individuals of diverse backgrounds, that share the common goal of creating quality entertainment outside the studio system.

Thirsty Girl Films is the proud recipient of the 2010 Filmmaker of the Year award from RAW: Natural Born Artists for their stop motion short film, "A Lost Love Story." As we wait for more festival notifications, we are thrilled to announce our participation in the 2011 Bootleg Film Festival and the 2011 San Diego IndieFest.To watch the winning film, please visit: alostlovefilm.com
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Produced By Thirsty Girl Films // Now operating as Weird Pixel // welcometoweird.com

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