It's a damn shame my public high school didn't have an orchestra. No orchestra means those kids contentedly playing D&D in a corner while everyone else was busy pretending to get laid before their 17th birthday were denied achieving their full nerd potential. In addition to reaching Level 10 wizarding status, they could have been honing their skills on classical instruments that would someday result in them rocking the panties off a crowd of adoring fans. I have seen this alternative reality, and it looks a hell of a lot like the Definite Articles. They collectively prove that you can love Star Trek, attend ComicCon, and be effing hilarious to hang out with while completely shredding the bow of your instrument.

Geekdom has its privileges. Not only do you end up inventing things like candy corn infused vodka (hello!), but you also figure out how to seamlessly incorporate an entire string section into your indie pop band. What's even more impressive is when the music is so good it makes a bunch of middle schoolers hop on their bikes and zip down from the projects to headbang along with your drummer's crazy math rock signatures.

The music speaks for itself; we promise it will make your jaded little jaw drop. But it's the taxonomy of wide-ranging backseat nerd-dom that made this episode as hot as an nebula imploding next to your basestar in the Alpha Six quadrant. (FYI, that's damn hot.) Incidentally, the original Justice League included seven DC superheros—Superman, Batman, Aquaman, Flash, Green Lantern, Martian Manhunter (yeah, we'd never heard of him either), and Wonder Woman. The Definite Articles have seven core members. Coincidence? Yeah, right. Just ask the Green Lantern how long he's been playing violin.

The Definite Articles

Backseat Beat

Created by Brad Robertson

Produced by Dana Goldberg & Brad Robertson

Hosted by Jaime Lee Currier

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