I had a lot of fun making this video.
The idea came out quite prompt and random.
Perhaps I was inspired by few of the videos I'd watched on YouTube or Vimeo.
It was quite delightful to observe the couples' reaction that I'd approached.
When I acknowledge them that this video will be share online, either Youtube or Vimea, immediately there were quite number of them turn down my interview invitation. Guess not a lot of people willing to show their faces online :p
only 2 out of the 10 couples that agreed to get interviewed by me.
So it took me a few weekends to get 10 couples interviewed
This might not be a great video that produced by me, but the experience for doing such was priceless :)
The couples' facial expression, how they look and smile to each other, how they answer my questions totally make my day.

Places that I found those couples:
Bangsar Village
The Curve
The Garden

Special thanks to Sammy and Miami willing to help me interview some of the couples.
There times I had to do it by myself only, which was not convenient at all :(
Thanks PPSW for pointing out some key element to add in this video.
And thanks Joshua and Nigel for provide some tips to improve this video :)

Thanks a lot to that ten lovely couples that willing to join.
May your all have a great Valentine's day and hope your love last till the end.

Happy Valentine's Day :)

Since a lot of you asking which camera I'm using,
So here you go:

Canon 5D MK II + 50MM F1.8 lens + Rode VideoMic



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