I was at McChord AFB when we converted from the C-141B to the C-17A. I had worked the C-141 for 5 plus years and was eager to be initial cadre on the new airframe. When the C-17 arrived it was very exciting, fun and rewarding. We had the new toy and the coolest airplane around, but after seeing this film it hit me hard realizing how much history we had lost.

I want to dedicate this film to all who supported and flew the C-141B Starlifter including my friend Chief Flight Engineer - CMSgt Paul Pritchard (deceased but not forgotten) and my good friend SMSgt Bob Faust - Crew Chief and now retired like me.

My thanks to the 4th Airlift Squadron, the makers of this film, you all did a great job, I wish I could have met you; we were all swept away by a new airframe, a new era and a new war. I greatly miss what we did and what we accomplished and so I thought this appropriate to bear witness what was and still is the best Air Force the world has ever known. I want others to know and remember that once we were a part of something grand and magnificent.

Larkin this was for you, Paul, your Dad "Beam me up Scotty"- James Doohan and the Doohan Family!

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