a is for ageing is a four screen film installation commissioned by Newcastle University for Coming of Age - the Art and Science of Ageing, funded by the Wellcome Trust and the Arts Council.
Filmed through a backlit screen by artist Jennie Pedley, the films feature the silhouettes of her elderly relatives carrying out their own daily routines, alongside the scientific research into ageing being undertaken at Newcastle University.
q-z shows mainly domestic scenes of old age, including activities like walking through fields. It ends with my 80 year old father napping in a chair, he said he was happy for me to use this footage, he is a good sport. It also shows Dr Tien Kheng Khoo working with a saccades meter, measuring movements of the eyes.
Much of the text for a is for ageing was gathered from scientists and elderly people who sent me their own alphabets of ageing. Coming of Age can be seen at the Great North Museum, Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK until 2nd March 2011. The music is by Quinta - myspace.com/iquinta, more of Jennie Pedley's work can be seen at jenniepedley.co.uk

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