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Worldstorm presents Rebel Scum
Director: Video Rahim
Producer: Francis Percarpio
Director of Photography: Matt Hurley
Executive Producers: Francis Percarpio
and Dan Dixon
Associate producers: Ashley Simpson, and
Video Rahim
Graphics: Dubelyoo
Audio mix: Brian Fisher
Christopher Scum: lead singer
Steven Crime: guitarist
B-Riot: drummer
Shaggy: Bassist
also featuring: Dropsonic, Vadim, Carl Snow
Cornbred Blues Band, Monsters Of Japan,
Rus Harper
Soundtrack featuring: Traindodge, Slow Motion Crash, The Poles, The Life and Times, Macha,
God and Man square off in the American Deep South in the controversial new rock documentary, Rebel Scum.
Chronicling two years in the life of "psycho white trash punk band", The Dirty Works, this startling film expands the boundaries of traditional rock documentaries in a manner that is not always comfortable, but is always riveting. The multi-textured movie explores several themes, including mental illness, addiction, relationships, family dysfunction, and the struggle for artistic expression in the heart of America's "Bible Belt."
Centered on frontman Christopher Scum, Rebel Scum is, at its core, the story of one man's continued drive to create art in spite of the barriers imposed by society and his own self-destructive tendencies. Bouncing intermittently between the extremes of comedy and tragedy, the film reveals a seedy American underworld that is, at once, both fascinating and repulsive.
Rebel Scum. A celluloid train wreck -- not for the faint of heart.

The main subjects of the documentary are a punk band based out of Knoxville called The Dirty Works.
Secondary subjects include Atlanta band Dropsonic, Asheville based Monsters of Japan, Knoxville based Disobedients & The Cornbred Blues Band, musician/producer Carl Snow, musician/producer Vadim, poet Rus Harper and Michael aka Lumpy.

Production of Rebel Scum began two years ago while filming Dropsonic on tour. Director, Video Rahim, of Worldstorm Arts Lab, from Atlanta, caught an opening performance of The Dirty Works and knew there was a story to be told. Francis Percarpio, Producer and Owner of WorldStorm Arts Lab, later seeing the footage independently found a way to brIng The Dirty Works story to film. In the ensuing years production staff have traveled back and forth to Knoxville and to various other Southeastern cities with The Dirty Works capturing their captivating live performance on film for others to see.

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