“97Hz is a performance that springs from research
into the synchronous use of different artistic languages:
dance, sculpture, theatre, music and video. The Project
examines the possibility of forging a new kind of
expressive grammar, in which signs and borders are
erased and become symbiotic.
‘’Darkness’’ and its poetic, philosophical and
introspective aspects are the main topics into which the
experimentation delves.
A single actor on stage, out of the context of his own
body, reinvents different possible lives. He becomes live
installation, immersed in a dark and sonic liquid. Time
and man become variables; limits vanish and open up
in turn to a visceral awareness, crisis, endurance, urge
to escape, and exploration. We enter a suspension,
an inner pause, which recalls quietness and the
search for the possibility of different truths. It is a travel that,
like a wave, pushes away from personal microcosms to
come back with new awareness and fullness.

97hz develops the relationship 'man-darkness', with the intent to break down structural and
psychological barriers, while exploring a fertile and virgin landscape, where light stops to rest and time flows freely. In the performance all of the artistic languages are intertwined: video, sound,
theatre and dance sculpt darkness to its intimate, deep, naked and fragile core.
And above all hovers the query: are we tangible beings or images, shadow or light, body or spirit?”

Credits: Contacts:
Co-production 2010 TiconZero (Italia) + SDNA (UK) contact@ticonzero.org
Concept, direction and music: Alessandro Olla
+39 0708607522
Video: SDNA-sdna.tv
(Valentina Floris, Ben Foot)
+44 (0)207 3452 906
Main performer: Massimo Zordan ticonzero.org
Texts: Gianni Guardigli
Costumes and set: Salvatore Aresu
Production assistant (costumes, set, direction): Roberta Serra


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