This is just a rush Video Test to show the Okii USB Follow Focus Controller when mounted on a rig and manually changing focus using the controller's knob.

This is the ORIGINAL video clip saved by the camera. It is not edited in any way. Due to very slow internet speed connection a longer video was not possible to be uploaded yet.

Please don't judge the focus puller abilities :) Especially since he was watching the 3" camera LCD screen and not an external monitor (a huge advantage, completely possible while using this device).

Also keep in mind that the camera has Full Frame sensor (very shallow depth of field) and aperture was set to f/4 on focal length of 50mm.

- SETUP: Canon EOS 5D Mark II + Canon EF 24-70 2.8L USM (at 50mm)


1080p24 (Full HD 24p), Shutter: 1/50, Aperture: f/4, ISO: 1600, WB: 5300K

Picture Styles settings:

"Standard": Sharpness 3 (default), Contrast 0 (lowest), Saturation 0 (default), Tone 0 (default)

Audio: Disabled


"Medium" Step Size, 15 focus commands per second.


1- The lens is pre-focused on the basket (~0.6m from the camera)
2- USB Controller's "Start/Stop" recording button pressed
3- Camera/Lens aimed to chair/furniture until got them framed
4- Chair/furniture (~3m from the camera) focused using the knob
5- WAITED FOR A MOMENT (about 1 second)
6- Camera/Lens aimed back to basket while focusing back
7- Basket framed and finished focusing; waited a bit.
8- Controller's "Start/Stop" recording button pressed

** FOR MORE DETAILS about the USB FF Controller check:

** There is a COUPON CODE posted on the blog for those people interested to buy the controller directly from the manufacturer.

** Thanks for watching!

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